18 years of Amalia of Holland: “There is no school for queens”

from Enrica Roddolo

On 7 December he celebrated his first speech to the Council of State next to the king at the palace of Huis ten Bosch. The renunciation of the prerogative

“There is no school to become queens, like to become lawyers, teachers or bakers.” Amalia, heir to the throne of Holland, celebrated eighteen years on 7 December spoke yesterday to the Council of State in her first official speech. As heir to the throne now occupied by his father Guglielmo Alessandro, son of Queen Beatrix. “Now, for our Constitution I have a seat in this Council and this is in line with the role that awaits me in the distant future – said the princess -. Even if there is always the awareness that it could be tomorrow ».

Amalia, who has already given up the 1.6 million euro prerogative that would have been due to her at the age of 18, she wrote the first speech with the help of her father. Having entered adulthood, she now has the right to a seat in the consultative body only where she can follow and express herself, if she wishes, also on legislative projects.

So the “cocktail Queen” is now of age. “Queen of cocktails”, is the ironic nickname given to her after she decided to get behind the counter of a bar to compete with a real work experience.

Now that real job is there: with the eighteenth birthday celebrated in The Hague With a day of family freedom, Queen Maxima’s eldest daughter has officially entered the role of Princess of Orange. It has been the title in store for her since the day of 2013 when Queen Beatrix decided to pass her hand to her son Guglielmo Alessandro, and Amalia was only 9 years old. With the secret dream of becoming a singer and the passion for horse riding.

The time of responsibility will come for her too. But it is impossible to know if the role that awaits her will come “in the distant future, or already tomorrow”, as she herself recognized in the Council of State. And by the way, in «Amalia», an authorized biography signed by Claudia de Breij’s, the heir to the throne said that in case of fate (for the king) he would prefer that his mother, the Argentine Màxima, take over as regent immediately. In short, the young Amalia does not feel ready to reign. And after his studies at the Christelijk Gymnasium Sorghvliet, he will have an international experience before enrolling at the University of Leiden.

As a hypothesis, for now, it is the one on which the government expressed itself months ago by Prime Minister Mark Rutte, opening up to gift unions without gender foreclosure. And without this barring the way to the throne. “The government believes that the heir to the crown can also marry a person of the same sex,” said Rutte in parliament. And therefore it is not believed that an heir to the throne or a king should abdicate if he intends to marry a person of the same sex. ” The question had been raised in parliament, and the premier did not hesitate to break a lance in favor of royal weddings without gender foreclosures, if Amalia ever asks. But it is not known about the princess’s sentimental plans.

One thing is certain, Holland is once again ready to lead the way. «There is no school for queens and all that remains is to look to the past … but with an eye to changing times», as Amalia promised.

Meanwhile, the country is dealing with the advance of the pandemic, which has arrived right inside the walls of the royal palace: the 83-year-old queen emeritus Beatrice was also infected. The son and current sovereign reassured by saying that the mother was vaccinated and contracted the virus in a mild way: “She is at home in isolation according to the indications for people who test positive for the virus”.