Afghanistan, the newborn entrusted to US soldiers during the evacuation from Kabul was found and disappeared

from Marta Serafini

Sohail Ahmad was lost track on August 19 last. According to the Times, the little boy who is now six months old, safe after escaping a kidnapping attempt: was found in the home of a taxi driver in Kabul. He may soon return to the family

There are stories that sometimes have a happy ending. As if they were really written by a screenwriter of a movie. And that could be the case with Sohail, the Afghan child who disappeared during the chaotic evacuation from Kabul airport in August.

According to the British newspaper Times, would have been found and would be about to be returned to the family. But since reality often obliges the conditional, to know the conclusion of his story it is necessary to wait a little longer, at least for the DNA test to be carried out.

It all begins when Mirza Ali Ahmadi and his wife Suraya arrive at Kabul airport on August 19 to try to leave Afghanistan. after the Taliban came to power. Suhail is just under two months old. Ended in the crush of the dirty river and the Abby Gate, with thousands of other people waiting to enter the airport to board the evacuation flights, the couple entrusts the newborn to the US military. Better in the arms of a stranger than crushed by the crowd, they think. But from that moment they have no news of Suhail. The child disappears into thin air. None of the airport officials can explain to desperate parents. “They will have already boarded it,” they tell their parents to keep them quiet. The couple, having a pass, embarks with their other children aged 17, 9, 6 and 3 and arrives at Fort Bliss, Texas, after a long journey with stops first in Qatar and then in Germany. But there is no trace of Suhail there in the United States. Mother and father do not rest and are clamoring for the State Department to look for that child.

To collect it in the dust of the Afghan capital – writes the Times – it would have been Hamid Hammedullah, a taxi driver from the Qasaba district in Kabul: I was accompanying my brother, who had a special visa to leave Afghanistan, when I saw the boy. It was on a path near the Baron (The hotel near the airport, in front of which the Isis attack took place, ed). The child was on the ground in tears, in dirty clothes, hungry and thirsty. I simply couldn’t leave him like this, explained the man. So I decided to take him home and try to find his family. But my wife and I were ready to raise him as our own.

A few weeks later a passenger gets into Hammedullah’s taxi. He is Hazara, he belongs to the same community as the child. Hammedullah tells him about that newborn foundling. The passenger makes two and two. It will then be the grandfather of the child, who remained in Kabul, to confirm the whole story and his identity and make it possible to reunite with the rest of the family in Texas. But the story is not over. When Suhail is still at Hammedullah’s house, two men posing as reporters show up at the taxi driver’s house. What he says they punched me and threw me on the floor of my house. They grabbed the baby and tried to escape, but my wife saw them and yelled at our neighbors for help. One of them heard us and came in time to confront the man and take Sohail. Thank God the child was unharmed. Hammedullah also said he called the Taliban police but when the agents arrived the attackers managed to escape.

Afghan children passed to the US military at Kabul airport

And while Suhail’s family is now waiting for the US government to organize the transportation of the baby to America, despite border restrictions, the flight from Afghanistan does not stop. According to the UN, one of the worst humanitarian disasters in the world is taking place here, which risks worsening further with the arrival of winter. Since August, at least 290,000 people have fled to Pakistan. And many more could try to leave the country in the coming weeks, after Taliban authorities announced today the resumption of the passport-issuing service in three regions of the country, including Kabul. A decision that comes after strong pressure from the international community, which the Taliban continue to ask for the restoration of aid and the release of more than 9 billion dollars from the Central Bank of Kabul frozen abroad. Meanwhile, at least three other children have disappeared in the crowd of Kabul airport like Sohail. But it is feared that, in reality, there are many more.

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