Biden: “Go get vaccinated, it’s a patriotic duty


The president took stock of the Covid emergency by speaking to the country from the White house. “Those who are not immunized have many reasons to worry. But the situation is different from 2020 ”

“Omicron is the dominant variant in the United States.” President Joe Biden said this tonight from the White House to take stock of the COVID emergency in the country. “I understand your frustration” at the worsening of the pandemic on the eve of the holidays. If you are not vaccinated, you have a good reason to be concerned. Go get vaccinated, it’s a patriotic duty of all Americans. The vaccinated will instead be able to enjoy the holidays as planned ».

Immunizing is currently the strategy on which the American president is aiming: «Vaccines are free, I made my booster dose and so did former President Donald Trump. It’s the only thing we agree on. ” Biden added that the schools will remain open. «We must be concerned about the spread of the Omicron variant of Covid 19, but there is no reason to panic. It’s not like in 2020, today a large part of the population is vaccinated ».

The president then attacked the no vax propaganda: “Enough with the disinformation, enough with the lies about the anti Covid vaccines, they must stop now! All this is immoral ».

The numbers of the pandemic appear increasingly disturbing. On Monday, the new infections recorded in America were about 254,000, never so many since September. And what is worrying above all is the rapid spread of the Omicron variant in the north-east of the country, the most populated, with New York having seen cases triple in just one week (640% more in the last month). The plan developed by the administration to deal with the emergency provides for the deployment of another thousand soldiers in hospitals to cope with the surge in hospitalizations, with the sending of doctors, specialists, paramedics and nurses by the Pentagon. At least 500 million rapid anti-Covid tests are on the way, which will be distributed for free, even if only starting in January. The president, therefore, reserves the right to resort to a war law, the Defense Production Act of 1950, to accelerate the production of the tests that are beginning to be scarce throughout the country.