Boric, Castillo, Bolsonaro, Ortega: the president of Chile and the others. Who governs Latin America

it was a crucial year for Latin America. A year of presidential elections – and others to follow in 2022 – which in some countries, such as Chile, Peru and Honduras, have brought about radical change and a turn to the left. But let’s see who the new and old leaders of the American subcontinent are.

The youngest, in chronological order but also by age, the newly elected president of Chile Gabriel Boric: 35 years old, millennial generation, former student leader, declares himself heir to the 2019 movement that has brought hundreds of thousands of young people to the streets to protest against the ultraliberal model of outgoing president Sebastian Piera. In his victory speech, on the night of Sunday 19 December, he promised social justice and closed by quoting Salvador Allende’s famous 1970 victory speech.

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