Boris Johnson and Carrie, daughter born. But the premier is in the storm: at least seven other parties in the crosshairs

from Luigi Ippolito, correspondent from London

Convivial meetings during the restrictions also in the prime minister’s apartment. And the polls give its popularity in free fall

After days of passion, good news for Boris Johnson: born a girl, born this morning by his wife Carrie in a London hospital. Thus little Wilfred, born a year ago when Boris was already prime minister, will have a little sister: but perhaps someone will accuse the premier of having orchestrated the birth to hide the scandals that are overwhelming him. Already the anti-Covid measures hastily introduced yesterday have been read by many as a clumsy attempt to distract public opinion from the misdeeds of Downing Street. Which, apparently, are not limited to the now infamous Christmas party held on December 18, 2020, in flagrant violation of the lockdown then in force: there would be at least seven parties organized by government members and staff during last year’s period of restrictions, and an official investigation has already taken place on at least three of these


AND illegal convivial meetings would be held in the same apartment as Boris and Carrie: speaking of which, today another tile arrives on the head of the head of the government. The Electoral Commission just issued one a fine of around 20,000 euros to the Conservative party for the covert funding given to the Johnson people to redecorate their Downing Street residence (an expensive makeover that they couldn’t afford out of their own pocket).

In short, a hail of scandals is falling on Boris’s head: and many are beginning to doubt his political survival. A poll released this morning indicates that 63 per cent of Britons think the prime minister should step down: while Labor is now given a 4-point advantage over the Conservatives. Johnson has more lives than a cat, you know: but even the “friendly” newspapers write that he may have consumed them all. There is an end-of-regime stench emanating from Downing Street, cautioned the Daily Telegraph, which also Boris’s newspaper. Because it is the conservatives themselves who are in revolt: the party feels abandoned by a leader who reigns in total chaos and many deputies oppose the anti-Covid restrictions announced yesterday, in particular theidea of ​​the green pass (although limited only to discos and large events). Boris had been crowned leader for his ability to seduce the public and win elections, not because he was particularly loved: but if his credibility is shattered, it quickly turns from ace in the hole to a burden. It might be wise to get rid of it as soon as possible.