Burma, jade mine landslide: at least 70 people are missing

from Laura Zangarini

Confirmed death of a person. About 200 rescuers are participating in the searches, some aboard boats to try to recover bodies from a lake

At least 70 people result dispersed and of a was confirmed death after one landslide took place on the night between Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 December in a jade mine in northern Burma. Between 70 and 100
people are missing in a landslide that occurred at 4 at the site of Hpakant, in state of Kachin, say rescuers. We sent 25 injured in hospital and we found one dead, the sources add. To searches they are participating about 200 rescuers, some a board of boats to try to recover bodies from a lake. In Burma dozens of miners
they die
every year working in dangerous conditions in the jade quarries, andull industry and poorly regulated. The landslides I am frequent in this poor region And
difficult to access, which looks like a lunar landscape from what was it modified from large mining groups with no regard for theenvironment.

#UPDATE At least 70 people are missing and one confirmed dead following a landslide at Hpakant jade mine in Kachin state, northern Myanmar, a member of the rescue team tells @AFP https://t.co/zpHbAh7yPy pic.twitter.com/a9x8H8ncZq

– AFP News Agency (@AFP) December 22, 2021

Following a late paymentsin 2016, many large minyere have Closed and are no longer monitored, allowing many to return independent miners. Coming from disadvantaged ethnic communities, the latter operate almost clandestinely in abandoned sites by excavators. The strong monsoon rains they caused the worst disaster of its kind in 2020, with 300 miners buried after one landslide in the Hpakant massif, the heart of this industry, close to the chinese border. Burma derives significant income from the massive presence in its subsoil of Precious stone particularly popular in China. The coup d’etat of February destroyed any possibility of securing the sector reform started under Aung San Suu Kyi, according to the supervisory body Global Witness in a relationship published in 2021.