Chile, President Boric. The rival of the far right admits defeat

from Sara Gandolfi

The young leftist candidate (just 35 years old) received 55% of the votes when the counting of the votes exceeded two thirds. Boric promises a break with the policies of his predecessors

Chile turns left. Coalition candidate Apruebo Dignidad (left) defeated opponent Jos Antonio Kast of the Frente Social Cristiano (far right) in yesterday’s presidential ballot. The wait for the result lasted much less than expected: already half an hour after or when the polling stations closed, at 6 pm local time (11 pm in Italy), the forecast of the day before was confirmed. With two thirds of the ballots scrutinized Boric led with 55% of the votes against 45.88% of Kast. A posting that the Chilean newspaper La Tercera he called insurmountable. And in fact immediately afterwards the controversial leader of the right recognized the defeat: From today the new president of Chile deserves all our respect. A recognition that aims to avoid, as feared by the authorities, street clashes between the supporters of the two fronts.

As the counting progressed, the gap was confirmed, with a victory that even exceeded expectations. Thus ends a very tense and very polarized electoral challenge, which saw the two rivals confront each other with no holds barred until the end. The 15 million Chileans called to the polls in the end chose the former student leader (he is just 35 years old) who since 2014 leads the left-wing coalition that brings together the Frente Amplio and the Communist Party. He presented himself as the man of change and the political heir of the 2019 movement which, before the outbreak of the pandemic, brought tens of thousands of young and old to the Chilean squares, to protest against the ultraliberal drift decided by the outgoing president, the curator Sebastian Pinera.

For the first time in three decades, the forces that ruled for seven periods – Chile Vamos and the former Concertacin – did not arrive with a candidate in the ballot. Boric, however, was able to count on the support of former president Ricardo Lagos and Michelle Bachelet in the second round.

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