Elon Musk wants to be an influencer, but maybe he’s thinking about getting into politics

from Massimo Gaggi

The richest man in the world continues to amaze with repetitive statements. And behind his words there could be a project to try a new adventure

“I’m thinking of leaving my position and becoming a full-time influencer: what do you think?”. The richest man in the world changes his life and quits the guide of Tesla and SpaceX? Almost certainly not: that of Elon Musk it is probably a joke that is part of his skillful and unscrupulous communication techniques. But who can make predictions with a man used to amaze? And if he, who has argued with the government about lockdowns, masks and taxes and who now rejects Biden’s plans (while he has received Trump’s applause several times), were looking for a political role?

Political fiction after the science fiction of the transfer of humanity to Mars. Meanwhile, however, Musk tests a new managerial-plebiscitary style: the brilliant entrepreneur capable of moving crowds of adoring fans and has 63 million followers on Twitter. who asks for the support of his people for the choices he is preparing to make (and which in his heart he has already made). It had already happened over a month ago with the sale of a portion of its Tesla shares. He had to do this to ease his future tax burden and to raise the money needed to pay the options taxes he will collect in a few months. But he knew that this move would have depressed the stock and, therefore, he got it approved in advance by his people. Since then, Elon has sold Tesla shares worth $ 12 billion continuously for 5 weeks and the stock has lost nearly 20 percent of its value. Not a drama for him or for the investors, as the group’s value had grown enormously in the previous months.

Musk is still the richest man in the world with a heritage of about 265 billion dollars, over 100 of which he collected in 2021 alone. But it is true that Musk feels pressured and tired. And it is true that also has some success as an influencer: a career that must really tempt him, judging by the thousand utterances of the last few days on the most disparate topics: he asked for more robots and less government. He called on Congress not to approve President Biden’s Build Back Better plan, which he says is too expensive: “It’s a waste of money, we don’t need assistance.” He said that our civilization is in danger of disappearing if we no longer have children. He announced that next year his company, Neuralink, will begin implanting microchips in the brain. Then we discovered that the conquest of space – with the missions to Mars that has been announcing us for years – is in danger due to the sudden difficulties encountered in the development of its Starship supermissile that Space X is developing between Cape Canaveral and the new “space factory” that has arisen. in Texas.

A couple of weeks ago, disappointed by the delays in the development of the new generation of Raptor rocket engines, Musk even told SpaceX executives in internal emails that the company faces bankruptcy if this program doesn’t get back on track quickly.
re. Doesn’t Musk have fun without his spaceship? Just words: a few days ago, at a financial conference, Musk said he plans to stay at the helm of the Tesla group for several more years. But then he added that it would be nice to have more free time, as he works on his many industrial projects (including Starlink satellites, Boring Company’s underground transportation and solar panels that are giving him a lot of headaches) from dawn to late at night. seven days out of seven. And the time for all his multi-headed utterances where do you find it?