England changes quarantine rules for Omicron

The quarantine period for those who contract Covid is shortened from 10 to 7 days in England, provided they are vaccinated and have two negative swabs within 24 hours

LONDON – The period of forty for those who contract the Covid shortens from today in England 10 to 7 days for those vaccinated and, after a week, it turns out negative to two quick tests within 24 hours.

The new rules, announced by Health Minister Sajid Javid, are aimed at decrease the inconvenience created in various sectors by the lack of personnel.

Those who have not completed the vaccination course and come into contact with a positive will have to continue to isolate themselves for ten days instead.

We have decided to reduce the isolation period because the data indicate that with two negative tests the risk of transmission is lower, the minister stressed, renewing the invitation to take the tests, to adhere to the rules and to obtain the vaccine.

For those who finish quarantine after a week the prayer of limit contacts with vulnerable or immunocompromised people, working from home and avoid crowded or poorly ventilated spaces.

Javid acted on the advice of the health security agency, whose director, Jenny Harries, stressed that Covid 19 is spreading rapidly among the population and the high transmissibility of the Omicron variant could pose a risk during the winter for essential public services. These new rules aim at interrupt the chain of infections and minimize the impact on the life and existence of citizens.

Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland can decide on their own health.

In England Prime Minister Boris Johnson has excluding the introduction of new measures before Christmas, reserving the possibility of announcing further interventions by the end of the year depending on the progress of the pandemic.

The rules for quarantine in Italy for those who have come into contact with a positive are described in detail here.