OJ Simpson is now really free (and asks 60 million in damages)

from Michele Farina

The former champion who spent 9 years in prison for theft of sports memorabilia was on probation since 2017. From acquittal for the murder of his wife to plans for the future

OJ Simpson a free man, three months in advance thanks to the good conduct recognized by the authorities of the State of Nevada (where he resides). The 74-year-old former American football champion (real name Orenthal James), in 2017 he was released from prison on probation after being sentenced for armed robbery in 2008. His name will forever remain linked to the murder case for which he was not convicted, the killing of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and of the friend waiter Ronald Goldman occurred on June 12, 1994. The verdict of the most publicized trial in American history was issued a year later and found OJ acquitted (although he was found guilty in the civil lawsuit brought by the families of the victims two years later).

From live escape to the theft of sports memorabilia

The live chase of the white Ford Bronco with OJ and former teammate Al Cowlings remains in television history. The escape was followed by 75 million viewers. The police chase until Simpson returned home. After an hour spent in the car threatening to commit suicide, OJ decided to turn himself in to the police. Much less exciting (but in some ways just as incredible) was the story that led to former police officer Nordberg from the Hollywood series A blunt bullet to his new appointment with justice. In 2008 OJ was convicted of stealing sports memorabilia (with an armed threat).

In a Las Vegas hotel

Simpson was accused of raiding a hotel room in Las Vegas with four accomplices to steal memorabilia that, according to the former Buffalo Bills champion, had been stolen from him over the years. At trial OJ admitted that he had organized a fake sale of memorabilia to induce the two traders to take the objects in question with them. But he denied that the gang had weapons with them. He was framed by one of the accomplices, who testified that a gun was indeed shown to the traders to persuade them to leave the goods that according to OJ had a purely emotional value.

Golf and damage request

OJ released from prison in 2017 at 70 years old, after having spent nine in the cell. The American football splinter who had led the NFL league by yards running in a single season between 1972 and 1976 enjoyed probation in a Las Vegas residential village, playing golf and commenting on sporting events via Twitter. In his plans for the future, his lawyer said, there is always that of obtaining compensation for the various legal procedures in which he became involved (including the trial for the murder of his ex-wife 26 years ago). OJ wants 60 million in damage. Hard to get a dollar.

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