Sex and the City, after the heart attack in the sequel … the Peloton (repair) commercial

from Irene Soave

In the first episode of the new series, Carrie Bradshaw’s great love dies of a heart attack after a ride: the shares of the company that produces the exercise bike had collapsed on the stock market, now the repair spot

Fireplace, glasses of wine in hand, intense gazes. A newly formed couple exchange a toast: «To new beginnings». Toast are the actor Chris Noth and the athlete Jess King, a familiar face to all owners of an American super-bike Peloton, because he is among the coaches of the courses broadcast in streaming. He is in the shoes of Mr. Big, tthe protagonists of the series Sex and the City

And now also of the sequel
… And Just Like That
, released in recent days all over the world (in Italy on Hbo). She in the role of «Allegra», the attractive instructor with whom he jokingly flirts, to make Carrie jealous. The set is that of one commercial for Peloton, perhaps a repairman after that in the first episode of the series Mr. Big dies of a heart attack just after pedaling on an exercise bike.

After the episode was broadcast, the company’s shares collapsed on the stock market: the company issued a statement explaining that “despite having authorized the use of the brand in the series”, they did not know that it would be represented in a negative context. ; and that Mr. Big’s lifestyle, which in six seasons of Sex and the City he had always been inseparable from his cigars, it was certainly the cause of his heart disease, rather than pedaling on an exercise bike. Now, in the “repairman” commercial, Big is alive and well, and his death has been staged so he can escape with his new flame, the coach Allegra. A plot development dictated perhaps more by the law offices than by the writers, but equally tasty.