Here’s the team that brings you the most exciting and the most reliable tech news and reviews from around the world:

James Davies – Founder

James Davies went ahead with his dream of setting up this platform in the face of all the doubt and pessimism from the industry experts in Silicon Valley. Today, after its success the same experts have joined the wagon by investing in the vision and the dream with which James’s journey started.

He has reiterated several times that his idea of growth is very much organic and community-driven growth which is not only horizontal growth but also vertical growth where end-to-end solutions are provided to the consumer.

Hazel Taylor – Writer

Hazel Taylor

Hazel Taylor has been the backbone of this platform and has provided the right direction with her content and her insight into this world driven by technology. She has also managed to hire some of the brightest and youngest talent from around the world to further enrich the reader experience and to improve the quality of the content put up on our platform.

Her core belief has been that quality content should be facilitating the buying process for the consumer and not be a barrier that confuses the consumer. It should smoothen the process of engaging with the new technologies and devices.

Along with the young staff and herself working as the head content writer, she feels they are yet to come up with their best and the most exciting features for the platform. So fo lookout for the updates they will be dropping soon.