Twenty years of Aiko, daughter of the emperor of Japan –

The birthday was on 1 December but in order not to distract the princess from her studies at Gakushuin University in Tokyo, where she studies literature, the celebrations were celebrated on Sunday 5 December at the Imperial Palace. Low profile celebrations in the name of sobriety for the global pandemic situation for the 20 years of Aiko, firstborn and only offspring of Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako. On the day of the transition to adulthood in Japan, the twentieth birthday, no meeting with the press as well as a very private ceremony at the palace for Toshino Miya the princess Aiko. Who wanted to entrust to the world her reflections on this stage in her path towards the future (which in the state of things, due to the laws in force since 1947, will not bring her to the throne of Chrysanthemum as a woman). My parents, the emperor and the empress, raised me with deep love and attention and have always been my surest supporters in every situation. Not only that, but the empress and the imperatoe emeritus (Aiko’s grandparents) were also close to me, Aiko said. Assuring you want to commit to the adulthood commitments of a member of the Imperial Japanese family. And the first official moment awaits her at the end of the year, with the traditional meeting with the public of the imperial family. (Text: Enrica Roddolo)