WHO: “Here are the 10 micro-countries still without Covid infections”

There are now very few realities where no infection has been recorded. This is also due to their geographical position and low population density

There are 273,900,334 cases of coronavirus confirmed in the world since the beginning of the pandemic, for a total of 5,351,812 deaths, of which over 45 thousand in the last week. Numbers – those communicated by the World Health Organization – which are increasingly frightening and testify to a situation of collapse especially in countries where there are no hospitals and in which the vaccination campaign at a reduced rate or has not started. At the top of the sad ranking of infections and deaths is the United States, with 50,415,500 confirmed cases and over 800,000 deaths.

If the virus spread over almost the entire planet, according to the WHO there would be still 10 countries or territories still Covid-free. This is often due to their geographical position and low population density.

In fact, in the ranking we find Kiribati, Micronesia, Nauru and Niue, all island states found in the Pacific. The Republic of Kiribati is a Pacific state, independent since 1979 (member of the United Nations since 1999), straddling the equator. It includes 33 islands – some even uninhabited – (all atolls, with the sole exception of Banaba), divided into three archipelagos very distant from each other: the Gilbert archipelago, the Phoenix archipelago, and the Equatorial Sporades (or Islands of the Line).

The islands that make up Micronesia are about 600: the main ones are of volcanic origin, but there are also several coral atolls.

Nauru is considered the smallest independent republic in the world. Sadly famous for the presence of the detention center where the Australian government blocks asylum seekers.

Niue, instead, a wonderful coral islet, between Tonga and Samoa. Equipped with self-government since 1974; New Zealand (to which it was annexed in 1901) takes care of its foreign relations and defense.

In the list of places where Covid cases have not yet been officially detected, they also appear the Pitcairn Islands and theIsland of Sant’Elena, both British Overseas Territories. The former are an archipelago made up of four volcanic islands, located in the South Pacific Ocean. The second, discovered by the Portuguese in 1502, first became a Dutch and then British possession. Throughout history it was used as a place of exile for numerous prisoners.

And again the New Zealand territory of Tokelau (consisting of three tropical coral atolls: Atafu, Fakaofo and Nukunonu)
, the archipelago of Tuvalu (Polynesian island state located in the Pacific Ocean halfway between the Hawaiian Islands and Australia) and the Turkmenistan (presidential republic located in Central Asia, with a population of 5.6 million inhabitants and Aşgabat as the capital), which has not reported any cases of contagion since the beginning of the pandemic, as we had told here.

To close the ranking the

North Korea, on whose reliability are – however – raised numerous doubts.

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